Hideaki Takizawa surprised many recently by resigning as President of Johnny’s Island and VP of the big Japanese talent agency, Johnny & Associates.

The news was shared by the company, saying that the former Tackey & Tsubasa member offered to resign back in mid-September and officially departed from Johnny’s Island at the end of October.

As to why he decided to leave, the company rep only responded, “I can’t speak for him because he is not here.”

Hideaki is also not planning to hold a press conference to explain his decision.

In his place is 20th Century’s Yoshihiko Inohara, who has been part of Johnny since 1988 and made his debut in 1995 as part of V6.

It is noted that Hideaki has contributed a lot in the debut of idols throughout his time in the two companies, including introducing Snow Man and SixTONES.

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Hideaki and Tsubasa Imai were former members of J-pop idol duo Tackey & Tsubasa

(Photo Source: Arama! Japan)