Gigi Leung recently revealed that she will be holding a concert next year.

On 15 November, the singer-actress shared the good news on social media, saying that she will be having her concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in February.

Calling the concert “Meet in Time”, Gigi said, “In the past, concerts would kick off with a celebration, but many things have happened in the past few years. When the comfort zone disappears, you can’t change it, but you can use this time to do something we haven’t done before, making “time” and “us” reconnect.”

“I will use a method that is closer to theatre performances, combined with the design of the stage, to take everyone to open a time kit to relive my songs for many years.”

As to why she chose to wear red leather over her dress while shooting the poster, the singer likens it to an armour.

“The jacket is very heavy, but the image is very beautiful, very powerful, and sharp; it also has a very romantic lace, which fits my idea this time. The theme expressed is both powerful and romantic. This solo concert takes “time” as the main axis, and divides it into three parts: “yesterday”, “today” and “tomorrow”, and uses performances to share with music fans the growth and experience of the past few years.”

It is noted that her last concert was the 2017’s Gigi Leung Good Time concert tour.

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Gigi expresses powerful and romantic with her red jacket over a lace dress

(Photo Source: Gigi Leung IG)