Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang recently broke his silence to deny rumours of his alleged immigration to the US, following backlash from Chinese netizens.

Earlier, as reported on HK01, the “Let the Bullets Fly” director was accused of “making money from Chinese people” only to “spend it abroad”, after a video went viral online showing Feng and his wife in the US as they hugged their friends in front of their Los Angeles mansion.

Further fuelling the rumour of immigration was the fact that Feng later emptied his Weibo account.

Amid the backlash, Feng took to Wechat Moments and clarified that he and his wife are only in the US to send off their daughter to school.

He added, “I love Beijing and our hometown and I am not used to Western food… I have a career in China. The country has been kind to me, so what kind of person would I be to move?”

Feng added that he will return to Beijing once their daughter goes on a winter holiday.

While some are appeased by the explanation, others not so much, as several netizens still criticised the director, saying, “If you’re so patriotic, why send the child to a school in the United States?”

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The director suddenly emptied his Weibo account

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, China Posts)