Donnie Yen recently assured that he is not upset at all that his new movie, “Come Back Home” didn’t do as well at the box office in mainland China.

The actor, who spoke to the media during a charity dinner in West Kowloon, stated that the box office depends on various circumstances, including the weather, location, and people.

“It doesn’t matter. Movies are like life, and life has its ups and downs. As an actor, you just do your best,” he added.

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Dazzling couple Donnie and Cissy Wang attending the charity event

When asked if the fact that the film doesn’t have much action scenes might have been one of the causes, Donnie said, “I’m not sure. Everyone has their own cup of tea.”

It is noted that in a previous interview, Donnie stated that he decided to produce and star in the film to try his hands on different genres.

“In essence, I am still an actor, and the emotional parts are as difficult as doing action scenes,” he said.

The film, released on 3 October in China, made only about RMB 20 million at the box office after more than a month.

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The movie has more emotional scenes than action scenes for Donnie to work with

(Photo Source: Donnie Yen IG, Screen HK)