Dimples Romana recently revealed that going back to work immediately after giving birth is her way to combat mental health problem.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who is part of the new series, “The Iron Heart” shared as much at the media launch for the series, revealing that she “battles very bad postpartum depression”.

“That’s also a reason why every time I have a child, you see me working right away. That’s how I battle postpartum. I have it really bad. I wake up in the morning feeling really sad right away and a lot of mums out there can relate to me,” Romana said.

It is noted that she took part in the series just two months after giving birth to her third child, Elio, as she began to enrol in a Muay Thai class to prepare for the project.

Dimples also stated that her new character Celine empowers her, as she is quite androgynous.

“We know men really fight and they fight really well. And now, we want to show that we can fight like girls. I just want to do that kind of character,” she added.

The upcoming series also stars Richard Gutierrez.

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Dimples gets a Muay Thai training for the role

(Photo Source: Dimples Romana IG)