Malaysian Celebrity Chef Datuk Dr. Chef Wan was officially announced as the first Malaysian brand ambassador of Jongga & Nongshim Farmer’s Heart at Malaysia’s First Kimchi Festival hosted by K PLUS Food Market at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

The distinguished chef was proud to be certified by the Seoul Kimchi Academy as a kimchi expert after undergoing intensive training in Korea. Since becoming a Kimchi specialist, he has returned to Malaysia to introduce Korean-Malaysian fusion dishes such as the Kimchi Mee Goreng, among others, to all Malaysians.

Chef Wan is appointed as their brand ambassador for one year to frontline these major brands with the intention of raising awareness among Malaysians while establishing Kimchi as a versatile component in every meal – be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. His first stint as the new brand ambassador of Jongga & Nongshim Farmer’s Heart saw him putting on a show at the Kimchi Festival to demonstrate his Kimchi making skills by preparing traditional Kimchi, Kimchi pancakes, and his creative use of Kimchi in Malaysia’s favourite dish – Mee Goreng. Chef Wan said during the press conference, “I am sincerely delighted to have been given this opportunity to represent both Jongga & Nongshim Farmer’s Heart as a brand ambassador. Many people do not know how Kimchi can be integrated into a variety of both local and international dishes.

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Chef Wan demonstrates the making of Kimchi

“After learning how to make Kimchi professionally, things have not been the same as I now have a deeper appreciation for the traditional Korean staple dish, and I have begun experimenting and incorporating it into a multitude of local dishes. With that, I look forward to sharing my profound love for Kimchi with Malaysia, so that they are able to experience Kimchi as I have.” Chairman and Founder of KMT Jaya Sdn. Bhd. Datuk Matthew Lee said, “It is the perfect time for Malaysians to embrace the culture of adopting Kimchi in their daily diets. Kimchi is a nutrient-dense food item that contains probiotics and can boost one’s immune system, hence, I genuinely recommend everyone to try it. There is no one more suitable than Datuk Dr. Chef Wan to be the face of these Korean powerhouses, Jongga and Nongshim Farmer’s Heart with the knowledge and experience he has in the food industry. We trust that all Malaysians are able to connect with local food through our brilliant brand ambassador and fall in love with Kimchi too.”