Bosco Wong recently acknowledged the fact that he has big shoes to fill by starring in the fifth instalment of an already popular franchise.

The actor, who spoke about working in the new TVB series, “Forensic Heroes V”, stated that the reason he said yes to the project after it was offered by TVB Executive Eric Tsang was due to the nature of the character.

“Usually, forensic officers give the impression of being stylish, professional, and geniuses. However, this time, my character is a weird guy,” he said. “The character has social fears, doesn’t like to make friends, not like me in real life.”

Speaking of the challenges, the actor said that the hardest part about doing the series was memorising the scientific terminologies.

“In order to play the role well, not only there is an expert who teaches us the equipment, I also took some time to learn some things and get used to it in advance,” he added.

As to whether he will have a chance to win TV King this time, having been nominated more than ten times but never won once, the actor said that he only hopes that the series will have a good response.

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The actor plays the weird senior chemist of the Forensic Affairs Department

(Photo Source: Bosco Wong IG, HKET)