Ayana Taketatsu recently announced that she has recently given birth to her first child.

Sharing the good news late last week, the famed voice actress and singer posted on Instagram, “I gave birth safely the other day. Thankfully, both mother and child are healthy!”

“To all the people involved in helping us until the day of the delivery, all the medical workers who helped me gave birth with ease and everyone who warmly supported us, thank you very much. Now I spend my days cherishing the precious life that was just born.”

Ayana also stated that she is still working on recovering so that she can return to work, and hopes to continue to grow as a person, an actor and a mother.

Meanwhile, actor husband Yuki Kaji expressed on Twitter, “The word precious has now has a different meaning to me. I am grateful for all of your well wishes.”

The couple announced the pregnancy back in June.

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Ayana and baby are doing well

(Photo Source: Ayana Taketatsu IG, Yuki Kaji IG)