Mag Lam and ONE PROMISE’s Anton Fung recently announced that they have now broken up.

The singer shared the sad news on social media on 9 November, saying that she and Anton have actually ended the relationship for quite a while now.

“[I] haven’t told many people because I needed my space. But because many people always ask about us when they meet me, so I will explain it once and for all now,” she wrote.

Mag then added, “I hope we all know love better, I hope we can all be happy.”

As for Anton, he wrote, “Mag and I have been back to being just friends for a while now. Just wanted a bit of space and privacy in the beginning so we didn’t tell a lot of people. But we are ok. Thank you everyone who asked and showed care.”

The two were revealed to be dating at the beginning of 2022. Though Mag was accused of being the third party in Anton’s previous relationship, the latter stressed that that was not the case at all, and that he and his ex have broken up quite a bit before he entered into a new relationship.

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Anton previously starred in Mag’s music video

(Photo Source: Mag Lam IG, Anton Fung IG)