Members of AKB48 recently expressed their apologies to fans for failing to place in the Excellence Award category at the 64th Japan Record Award.

The lack of nomination this year meant that the Japanese girl group, who have won the said award for 12 years in a row, ended the record.

Expressing her sadness over the news, member Nana Okada tweeted, “It’s precisely because I feel supported by so many fans that I couldn’t live up to their expectations, and my heart is filled with frustration, apology, and mixed emotions. I’m sorry, but I’ll continue to move forward without forgetting to be grateful every day, so please watch over me.”

Meanwhile, Mion Mukaichi, who is also the current AKB48 Group General Manager, expressed, “I am full of apologies to the fans who support AKB48 and to the many people who have supported us. I’m sorry for making you sad and interrupting history.”

This is the second blow to the group, after they were not listed in NHK’s annual New Year’s Eve special, “Kohaku Uta Gassen”.

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The members are devastated

(Photo Source: All Kpop, Nana Okada IG)