After he indirectly confirmed his appearance for a TVB event, Aaron Kwok recently performed at the TVB Anniversary Gala Show.

The Cantopop star, who began his career as a dancer and actor at the station, led 55 dancers to close the show, and revealed that the performance is a salute to all the dancers working for TVB.

“I started from TVB dance team as well. I even suggested to perform with 55 dancers to pay respect to the seniors. This is in a way the passing of the torch and expressing TVB’s spirit of persistence,” he said.

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Aaron danced with 55 dancers for TVB’s 55th anniversary gala

Aaron also stated that he is happy to be able to return and reunite with TVB dance team veterans.

It is noted that it’s been eight years since he last returned to TVB. He previously came back in 2014 to accept an award.

On the other hand, TVB General Manager Eric Tsang stated that he is satisfied with the whole show, and regarded Aaron’s appearance as “very special”.

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Aaron paid tribute to his seniors

(Photo Source: Aaron Kwok IG, Mingpao)