The Dayo Wong-starrer, “Table for Six” is now the highest grossing Hong Kong comedy.

As of 11 October, the movie’s cumulative box office was HKD 61.64 million, surpassing the record holder, Stephen Chow’s “Kung Fu Hustle”, which made HKD 61.27 million.

Director Sunny Chan took to social media to express his happiness over the news, saying, “I am a veteran film fan and film worker, and I know that the ticket prices, market environment, population ratio and schedule are completely different in different generations. It is not absolutely representative to compare the box office numbers alone, but when I know this result, I still shed a tear.”

“I would like to thank every predecessor who has made a breakthrough in the Hong Kong film world, and thank them for the classics they have written, enabling our generation to stand on the shoulders of giants and create our own films,” he added.

Meanwhile, Louis Koo’s “Warriors of Future”, which is now the highest grossing Hong Kong movie domestically, continues to make bank, with the movie soon to break the HKD 70 million mark.

In “Table For Six”, Dayo plays the eldest brother of three siblings, whose upcoming family reunion dinner is in risk of a disaster after finding out that his ex-girlfriend is now showing up as his brother’s new flame. gif maker 4 1
‘Table For Six’ co-stars Louis Cheung, Stephy Tang, and Ivana Wong among others

(Photo Source: HK01, Mingpao)