Sue Ramirez recently admitted that she is thankful to be offered a role in the new Viu series, “K-Love”, having just completed the heavy drama, “The Broken Marriage Vow”.

The actress, who spoke about the new series recently, shared that working in the series has enabled her to move on from her performance as the seductive mistress Lexy in “The Broken Marriage Vow”.

“To be working that what you carry when you come to the set is not that heavy, it’s like it’s a breather. It made me more relaxed again coming from a very heavy role,” she said. “Of course, I’m attached to The Broken Marriage Vow, right? So, to do something light as if you can breathe, you don’t worry that you will cry when you arrive on set. Nothing like that.”

Sue, who plays the role of Val, a young fashionista-entrepreneur in the new series, also admitted that she enjoyed the atmosphere on set, as everybody was excited to work with one another.

“Actually, it’s like I’m straight from The Broken Marriage Vow to this set so it’s like Lexy really cleansed me. It’s like this is what made me get Lexy out of my system,” she said.

The new series co-stars Iza Calzado, Isabelle Daza, Gabby Padilla, and Jake Cuenca. It premieres on 14 October.

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Sue is enjoying working on ‘K-Love’

(Photo Source: Sue Ramirez Instagram)