BLACKPINK fans can now connect more deeply with their favourite K-Pop girl group through Spotify’s Blend feature!

With Blend, listeners can merge their personal musical tastes and create personalised playlists that combine their favourite tracks with BLACKPINK’s.

As they head out on their international tour, BLACKPINK chose a variety of their favourite songs, which will be included within the Blend playlist that is personalised to every listener. A fan can see where their tastes overlap and discover new music.

Blend with BLACKPINK today!

Here’s how to make a personalised playlist:

● Simply click the link BLACKPINK has shared to Blend with them and let Spotify do the rest.

● Users will receive a social sharecard, showing their Taste Match scores. These will allow listeners to see their listening preferences compared to the artist and can be shared directly to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.

Spotify Blend combines the best of personalisation capabilities and collaborative playlist functionality. Listeners can now Blend with their favourite artists including BTS, Stray Kids, Lizzo, The Chainsmokers, and even with their friends!

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BLACKPINK releases second studio album ‘Born Pink’ last month

(Photo Source: Blackpink Instagram)