Sarah Geronimo recently took to social media to seek forgiveness from her parents for her previous life decisions that affected their relationship.

In a now deleted social media post that was first published on 29 October, the pop star expressed her gratitude to God, her family and pets for being her inspiration amid the hardships she went through in life, before saying her sorry to her parents.

“Please forgive me. To my parents, I am eternally grateful for the life you gave me and my siblings. All the support and care, your unrequited love, no one can measure up to it,” she expressed.

Sarah, recently made her music comeback with two new singles, “Dati-Dati” and “Cuore”, then added that it is easy for people to judge other people’s lives, but what’s important is that they know the truth in their hearts.

“To my Geronimo family, from then until now, you are my inspiration in life. I dedicate to all of you my return to music and the opportunity to give joy and inspiration to other people,” she added. “But as a daughter and sister, for me, the real meaning of success and happiness is to be with you again with love and peace in our hearts.”

While Sarah did not say the reason for the post, it is noted that her relationship with her mother soured after she decided to marry singer-actor Matteo Guidicelli in private in February 2020.

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Sarah is happily married to Matteo Guidicelli

(Photo Source: Sarah Geronimo Instagram, Philippine News)