Despite being five months pregnant, Sandy Wu recently revealed that she is still working as per usual.

As reported on Epoch Times, the TV personality, who still doesn’t show much in the second month of her second trimester, shared that since her schedule has already been full prior to her pregnancy, she will continue with what have been decided.

“I have a new show coming, and then I will be writing a book. My podcast is also currently in production,” she said.

When asked if she has any difficulties throughout the pregnancy, Sandy stated that she is doing fine except that she tires easily and is hungry all the time.

“But I do have a large appetite, so it’s hard to say if I am hungry because of the pregnancy or if I am simply hungry. I want to eat everything I see,” she said with a laugh.

Sandy, who tied the knot with non-showbiz husband Wang Yangkai back in January, is expected to give birth early next year.

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Sandy doesn’t look much different in her fifth month of pregnancy

(Photo Source: Sandy Wu Instagram)