Sandara Park has recently expressed her desire to be in a long-term relationship.

The former 2NE1 member, who appeared in a recent episode of KBS2’s “Problem Child in House”, stated that she previously adhered to the dating ban made by former agency, YG Entertainment.

“I was a good kid. I listened to every word that our agency head told me. There was no dating rule for some time, and I adhered. Even when my boyfriend said he was at the apartment complex where our dorm was, I told him that I couldn’t go out to see him,” she said.

When mentioned that she was never caught on a date now that she is free to do so, Dara stated that her relationships usually ended before any photos were ever taken.

“I break up before any rumours start to spread. I’ve never dated anyone for that long,” she added.

However, Dara stressed that she is ready for her relationship to be a long-term one.

“I really want to date someone for a long time. I live alone now, and things are much better with my life. I’ve also become more mature. I’m ready for that,” the singer stressed.

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The singer once abided the no-dating rule during her 2NE1 days

(Photo Source: Sandara Park Instagram, Soompi)