Rosamund Kwan has dismissed the notion of ever returning to the front of the camera, more than a decade since she starred in her last movie.

The former actress, who attended an event for Christie’s Hong Kong to speak about her upcoming auction, stated that she has no intention at all at making a comeback, saying, “No way! I’m sorry. I can’t remember dialogues… I’m so tired of it.”

“I only go to the theatres to enjoy movies now. We need to support Hong Kong-produced films now. The industry has to work really hard,” she said.

Rosamund also said that she has been able to learn a lot of things since she reduced her film projects, mostly things that she was unable to do in the past due to her hectic schedule.

“I can do more activities and study flower arrangement. Life is so simple,” she added.

Rosamund’s last movie was the 2005 Jiang Cheng-directed project, “Hands in the Hair”, co-starring Wallace Huo and Francis Ng.

Rosamund is set to auction her jewellery for charity with Christie’s Hong Kong

(Photo Source: Rosamund Kwan InstagramMingpao)