A restaurateur’s claim against Dickson Yu has recently been dismissed by the  Hong Kong Small Claims Tribunal for triviality.

As reported on Mingpao, a certain Mr Chan recently claimed defamation against Dickson, after the former TVB actor gave his food business a bad review via his YouTube show.

Chan alleged that Dickson had filmed his show without consent and that the negative feedback the actor had on his food has caused a lot of damage to the business, with the restaurant’s turnover dropped by a half. Chan claimed a total of HKD 1,466 for the rent and electricity bill.

On the other hand, Dickson explained in his defence that the restaurant staff did not stop them from filming at the time.

The adjudicator ruled that Mr Chan and Dickson only had the relationship of a restaurant owner and customer, and that there was no basis for the claim, and agreed with Dickson’s defence that no staff had stopped the actor from filming at the scene. They also added that there is no evidence that the filming has caused the losses as Chan described.

The adjudicator then stated that while he understood that it was not easy for a restaurant to operate under the pandemic and that Chan may be unhappy facing negative online reviews, the case has no legal chance of winning.

Following the dismissal, the restaurant owner stated that he will continue to pursue the case. Meanwhile, Dickson has yet to comment on the case for the time being.

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Restaurant owner Mr Chan wants to continue pursuing the case

(Photo Source: Dickson Yu Instagram, Mingpao)