After previously injuring his leg filming a jumping scene for his new movie, Nick Cheung is back to working on the project again.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who seemed to still be healing from his leg injury from three weeks ago, was seen shooting the movie on the streets in Central, pretending to run for a chase scene instead of doing an actual run due to his condition.

“I thank the team for changing the scene to accommodate my injury so that I won’t have to run,” he said. “I actually have no problem to do a fight scene standing up, but I can’t run fast.”

It is noted that Nick had to return to work while recuperating in order to complete the scenes in Hong Kong before resuming work in Malaysia in the middle of the month.

“They haven’t confirmed the departure date, but all I know is that we will be shooting the ending scene there, and will be filming for at least six days,” he said.

The upcoming movie, with the working title of “Explosion Point”, co-stars William Chan and Shaun Tam.

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Nick previously injured his leg while filming a bridge jumping scene

(Photo Source: HK01, eNEws)