Michelle Reis recently revealed that a misreading of a doctor’s message nearly endangered her life.

In a recent interview with East Week, the former Hong Kong actress, who was in the ICU early this year, shared that she had undergone catheter ablation due to a cardiac arrhythmia.

However, she nearly did not make it due to her doctor’s failure to use a punctuation mark in responding to her husband’s text message.

Said the actress, it was in the middle of the night in January when she suddenly felt her heart beat faster, measuring at 160 beats per minute. However, considering the severe situation of the pandemic then, husband Julian Hui decided to call a doctor to come to the house to check up on her.

After the doctor suggested for him to take her to the hospital following the checkup before leaving the house, Julian saw how Michelle was drowsy and texted the doctor to ask if Michelle could take a nap before going to the hospital.

The doctor replied “No” and “Hurry” in English, and since there was no punctuation mark accompanying the two words, Julian understood it as “No hurry” and let Michelle slept for a while. The actress said it was fortunate that the doctor called back and urged her husband to take her to the hospital immediately, as it turned out that the doctor meant the message to be read, “No! Hurry!”

“If I fell asleep at that time, I might not be able to wake up,” said Michelle.

The actress also stated that upon her discharge from the hospital, they were told by the doctor that she could have died if further medical treatment was delayed.

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Michelle and husband Julian Hui have been married since 2008

(Photo Source: Michelle Reis Instagram)