While Hollywood has been on biopic fever in recent years, the Michael Jackson estate revealed that it has chosen to go the documentary route in telling the story about the King of Pop’s biggest selling album of all time, “Thriller”.

In a statement released alongside Sony Music Entertainment, the MJ Estate stated that the two parties are collaborating in producing the untitled film, which is being directed by music historian and documentary filmmaker Nelson George.

The statement revealed that the documentary “takes fans back in time to the making of the record-breaking album and release of revolutionary short films that redefined the music video format and captivated audiences globally. ‘Billie Jean’ remains the most streamed Michael Jackson song, and ‘Thriller’ is the only music video that has been inducted onto the elite National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.”

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“Thriller” is still one of the best music videos of all time

It also added that the documentary will feature never-before-seen footage and candid interviews during the time of Jackson’s career that launched the singer into mega-stardom.

Released in November 1982, the album contained multiple hit songs that include “Beat It”, “Human Nature”, the Paul McCartney duet, “The Girl is Mine”, and the titular hit, “Thriller”.

‘Billie Jean’ remains the most streamed Michael Jackson song