After finally confirming that she and husband Rob Mananquil have parted ways, Maxene Magalona took to social media to express her thoughts about moving on.

On 18 October, the actress posted a couple of photos of her in her wedding dress, and shared the seven steps of moving on after a breakup, including “grieve, pray for yourself and your ex, surrender to the present moment and accept the situation.”

She also stressed on being grateful for the lessons one has learned, understanding that one’s ex is also figuring their way through lifetime, the importance of focusing on oneself and finally “let go and let God.”

In another post, she wrote, “Losing a loved one is a form of trauma that changes us forever. When I lost my Dad to cancer back in 2009, I really felt like it was the end of the world because he was my best friend. The pain felt never-ending. But what I didn’t realise back then which I now understand is that once you have already lost the most important person in your life, it makes you so strong and wise that it just becomes easier and clearer to end relationships, both romantic and non-romantic, that are not working or flowing anymore.”

“Life is short—we must only invest our time and energy in connections that are easy flowing and organic. I believe in relationships that flow naturally because I read in the book #TheUntetheredSoul by @michael_a.singer that the love that is naturally flowing between two people is the energy of God. And that is the kind of love that I believe in. A love that grows and flows and should never be forced.

“I am actually very grateful for the failed relationships I’ve had in this lifetime because I understand that I had to go through all of them so that I could determine for myself the soul connections that I want to keep and let go of the ones that don’t match my energy.”

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Maxene is ready to move on after the end of her marriage

(Photo Source: Maxene Magalona Instagram)