Lovi Poe recently admitted that she would love to work with Piolo Pascual again, now that their drama is ending.

As reported on Push, the actress, who spoke to the media about their collaboration in the Filipino remake of “Flower of Evil”, stated that she prays that the two of them can collaborate again in a different project.

“I feel like there’s so much more that we can do and we spent how many months together and I feel like there’s so much more that we can give. So I would love to do a movie with him,” she said.

Lovi stated that the one thing not many people know is that Piolo is funny behind cameras, and that she would love for the actor to show off his comedic chops to the audiences.

“Of course, our directors are the captain of the ship but Piolo is the one holding the group together and his energy is very contagious. So, when the leader gives his best, he does not even complain, you have no choice but to actually be the same because you have to emulate such character. Now I understand why Piolo’s always been Piolo Pascual for a reason,” she added.

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The actress hopes to work with Piolo again in the future

(Photo Source: Piolo Pascual Instagram, Lovi Poe Instagram)