Veteran star Liza Wang recently admitted that she was surprised at first over the news that fellow hosting colleague Carol “Dodo” Cheng has now left TVB.

The actress, who was asked about Dodo’s decision, stated that while she was stunned, she is not feeling regretful at all, as the two of them can always continue seeing each other outside of TVB City.

“There is still a chance to meet up and there is no need to deliberately make dinner appointments for this. I heard she wants to work freely, so I respect her wishes. I am all for it if she wants to work selectively,” she said.

As for Liza herself, the veteran actress stated that she has just renewed her contract with TVB for two years.

When mentioned that TVB is now losing one senior emcee, Liza said that the company has a lot of new faces that will be able to succeed their seniors.

“They just have to gradually accumulate experiences and allow the audience to accept them,” she added.

It was just last week that Dodo confirmed in a radio interview that she is not renewing her contract with TVB so not to be shackled by contracts.

“As a freelance, you can try different things. You can do whatever you want,” she said.

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Carol Cheng left TVB after 40-something years

(Photo Source: Carol ‘Dodo’ Cheng Instagram, SINA)