Lin Chi-Ling recently made her first appearance in Taipei, several months after giving birth to her first child with husband AKIRA.

The Taiwanese actress, who appeared at an event to promote her new book, shared various details about her new life in Japan with her mini family, saying that she is just like any other mother with a baby.

“In recent months, my life is just like any other. I would take the baby in his stroller to go buy groceries, but then the baby wouldn’t stay still, so I had to hold him, put the vegetables in the stroller and go,” she said, when asked by a fan about her “inelegant moments”.

“Tokyo is very hot in the summer, and my sweat kept dripping. I thought at the time, nobody would ever recognised me. I was very inelegant,” she said. “I’m pretty sloppy at home.”

She also spoke about having never quarrelled with her husband, joking that it would take time for her to translate her argument in Japanese.

“We made an agreement after we get married, that when we quarrel, we would hold each other’s hands and not hurt one another. Because of this, a lot of disputes are resolved,” Lin added.

On the other hand, when mentioned that AKIRA’s title as the “National Brother-in-law” has been taken away by Korean entertainer Koo Jun-Yup, who married Barbie Hsu earlier this year, Lin smiled and responded, “I’m just glad that it wasn’t my husband who is being taken away!”

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Lin and AKIRA celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary this year with their child

(Photo Source: Lin Chi-Ling Instagram, Oriental Daily)