Veteran actor Lau Dan has dismissed rumours of romance between son Hawick Lau and the already married mainland actress Una You.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media at the promotional event of his long-running sitcom, “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold”, stated that Hawick has already denied the rumours when it first came out.

“He’d always tell me whenever he has a girlfriend. This time he didn’t, so it should be fake news,” he added.

Asked if Hawick would like to one day find somebody new now that he has been divorced from Yang Mi for four years, Lau responded, “Of course he wants to, but I won’t ask. I’d be okay as long as he is okay. The most important thing is that the person can get along with my granddaughter.”

Speaking of his granddaughter Nomie, Lau stated that the daughter of Hawick and Yang Mi recently became a runner-up in a piano competition.

“She is growing up so fast,” he added. Asked if he would approve of his son marrying again, Lau stressed that he has no reason to object, adding, “As parents, seeing our children happy makes us happier.”

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Hawick and Yang Mi ended their five-year marriage in 2018

(Photo Source: QQ, China Times)