Japanese singer-actress Aya Matsuura is set to make her music comeback, as revealed by hubby, Keita Tachibana recently.

On 27 October, the W-inds member shared the good news via his Twitter by sharing the teaser of Aya’s new song, “Addicted” which he also wrote, composed and produced.

“My wife doesn’t use social media at all, so I have to announce it on her behalf. Sorry, fans. It’s a great song, please look forward to it!” he expressed.

Keita tied the knot with Aya in August 2013, and the two welcomed their first child in 2014, followed by another in 2018.

Aya announced her pregnancy again back in 2020, and welcomed another baby in December the same year.

It is noted that Aya’s last studio album was the 2009’s “Omoi Afurete”, while her last single, “Subject: Sayonara” was released in 2011.

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(Photo Source: Keita Tachibana FB, Pop Daily)