Kathy Yuen recently revealed that her house had been burgled during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at a HOY TV event recently, revealed that there were no traces of burglary when it happened, except that she lost several thousands of dollars in cash and a watch with commemorative value.

“I couldn’t imagine how the thief entered the house at first. But later I found that the window sill on the ground floor of the house had been pried open and the cloakroom was a mess,” she said.

Asked if she has CCTVs at home, Kathy stated that the place they lived in had no internet at the time it occurred, and she wondered if it was just a coincidence.

“The incident has truly made me scared and now I sleep with the lights on and the doors locked whenever my husband is not around,” she added.

At the same time, Kathy also plans to move back to the urban area to be safer, and to make it easier for her daughter to go to school.

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Kathy is married to dance choreographer Shing Mak

(Photo Source: Kathy Yuen Instagram)