Elaine Ng seems to be mocking daughter Etta’s partner, Andi, in her most recent post on social media.

On 24 October, the actress posted an old photo of Etta riding her horse on Weibo, and wrote, “I’m proud of you. For the sake of love, you went to live far away in your early 20s to support a foreigner in her 30s who said that she is sick.”

“As a mother, I am proud of your strength. Thank you, Father. I am thankful every day,” she added.

The post seems to be Elaine’s way to confirm speculations that Etta allegedly has been taking care of Andi on her own in Canada.

Fans and followers took to the comments to express their thoughts, with one writing, “Everyone has only one life. You have brought her up. Your obligations are over. I hope you will be happy in the days to come. Take care of yourself.”

It is noted that earlier this month, several photos of Etta waiting in line for free food in Toronto, Canada was shared on the internet, sparking rumours that the daughter of Elaine with Jackie Chan was homeless.

As the images went viral, her partner Andi Autumn took to social media to deny this by showing their current place of residence and stressing that their living conditions are not as bad as it was reported. However, Etta was not seen in the video.

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Andi Autumn recently denied that she and Etta are homeless by showing off their current abode
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Etta was recently seen waiting in line for free food

(Photo Source: HK01)