South Korean entertainer and DJ Koo Jun-Yup recently admitted that he had never once forgotten about his love for Barbie Hsu.

In an interview with VOGUE, in which the married couple shared for the first time about their love for one another, Koo shared that it was easier for him to hide his feelings 20 years ago, when his popularity hindered their relationship.

“I wanted to pretend that I was cool with it, but I truly regretted it,” he said. “No one was better than Barbie, and although we broke up 20 years ago, the feelings were still there. This woman was perfect, and one that I desired in my heart.”

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Koo and Barbie once upon a time

Koo said that after their breakup, he would often think about Barbie, even during random times, like whenever he sees things like mangoes (the actress’ favourite fruit) or a baseball shirt (Barbie enjoyed wearing them in the past).

“I knew that she was married and I wished her to be happy forever. But then the god of fortune shone on me, and I was given a chance again,” he said, referring to Barbie’s divorce from long-time husband, Wang Xiaofei.

After Barbie revealed that Koo made that tattoo ring on his and Barbie’s fingers himself, he also shared that there are several new tattoos on him that are dedicated to Barbie; from her name, their love song, as well as an anchor with Taiwan’s latitude and longitude.

“That’s because I want to be anchored in Taiwan, where Barbie is my home. The god of fortune must be standing by me that she is back with me again. I am truly grateful,” he added.

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The happy couple are on the cover of Vogue Taiwan

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu Fanpage IG, Barbie Hsu Instagram, All Kpop)