Ciara Sotto recently confirmed rumours that she will be hosting a morning show with Ruffa Gutierrez and Mariel Rodriguez.

The TV personality, who spoke to PEP recently, couldn’t help but share her excitement about the new project, saying that the upcoming show will be airing on ALLTV and will be made for mothers.

“I really am excited. The three of us will meet tomorrow. I am excited because this is the first time for me to do a talk show. I’ve always been on a variety show, right?” she said.

The opportunity to work with Ruffa and Mariel is also one of the other reasons for her to be elated for the job.

Ciara’s confirmation indirectly dismissed the rumours that it was Toni Gonzaga and Sarah Lahbati who will be hosting the show with Ruffa Gutierrez.

It is noted that Toni, Ruffa, Ciara and Mariel are among the stars who signed contracts with the new TV network. More details about the talk show will be released soon.

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It was previously rumoured that the show will be co-hosted by Toni Gonzaga (left) as well

(Photo Source: Ciara Sotto Instagram, Inquirer)