Television presenter Christopher Downs likens himself to Johnny Depp, after he was accused of being abusive towards ex-wife Phoebe Huang.

On 4 October, the Canadian TV personality screenshot a news article in which it was stated that Phoebe has won a domestic violence case in Canada, with her Taiwan case to get its verdict in November.

“Canadian Johnny Depp case hasn’t even started! How could it be over?” he wrote. “Who is trying to deceive everyone and keeps smearing me? If anyone is the victim of abuse, it is me. Over and over.”

Christopher stated that he has been forced to come out and clarify when he only wanted to keep a low profile, adding that he still hasn’t seen or connect with their daughter.

Prior to the said post, Christopher shared that his social media accounts were being hit with several copyright claims for his posts in which he spoke about fathers being kept from their children.

One such post read, “An accusation is all it takes. Then the fathers must say goodbye to their children for months, years…, not because the court says, but often just because they are blocked by the accusing parent. A child needs both parents.”

Phoebe and Christopher, who had been married for 16 years, admitted to their divorce back in July. The two are parents to 12-year-old daughter Poppy, of whom Christopher appeared with on the third season of the Chinese variety show, “Where Are We Going, Dad?”

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Christopher stated he hasn’t seen his daughter Poppy for a while now

(Photo Source: Christopher Downs Instagram, China Times)