It was revealed that Chrissie Chau and Shaun Tam were among those who had to be rescued from Gua Tempurung in Malaysia, after being trapped inside the caves following a heavy rain.

Earlier, it was reported that 30 out of the 80 crew members, who were mostly Malaysians and Singaporeans, had to be rescued by the Gopeng Fire and Rescue Department as well as the Task Force. The crew was trapped in the caves and could not leave as the heavy rains had made the main entrance impassable.

The crew was revealed to be filming the Hong Kong movie “Breaking Point”.

It was later revealed that the two actors were part of the crew members who were rescued.

Speaking about the incident, producer Candy Leung stated that the situation was very critical at the time.

“We were shooting a large-scale fight scene in a mountain cave. When we were shooting with Shaun and Chrissie, it was still sunny outside. But then it suddenly rained heavily. In just a few seconds, the water level went from the ankle to the waist. Fortunately, everyone is fine,” she said. gif maker 3 2
The rescue team helped the crew of the Hong Kong production team
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Chrissie Chau was among those rescued

(Photo Source: Chrissie Chau Instagram, SinChew)