Hong Kong star Benny Chan and wife Lisa Jiang have recently denied rumours that the two of them are heading for divorce.

As reported on Mingpao, rumours of divorce sparked earlier this week, when tabloids reported that Lisa is accusing Benny of ignoring their family and had gone out to enjoy himself under the guise of filming with his crew, and that she supposedly plan to get a divorce after the holidays.

In response to the allegations, the couple recently went live on social media to refute the rumour.

The couple stressed that they are doing fine

Speaking to the fans from a hair salon where the two of them can be seen dyeing their hair together, chatting and laughing, Lisa stated that there is no truth to the divorce rumour at all.

“We’re fine. There is no conflict between us. That story was written by other people, do not be swayed by the rumours,” she said.

When netizens asked whether there is any issue in their marriage, Benny responded, “No. These are all made up.”

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The couple are parents to four children

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao)