Despite the tirade against her by Lolit Solis, Bea Alonzo stated that she has no ill-will towards the veteran columnist.

The actress, who broke her silence about Lolit’s continuous bashing – after the latter accused Bea of acting like a mega star when she was not invited to the actress’ press conference for Beautederm, told Showbiz Portal that she would never reply as she never read what Lolit wrote about her.

“People just tell me about it,” she added.

Bea said that she still has a high respect for Lolit, despite never meeting nor introduced to one another.

“I heard that she’s sick, so I will not answer. I will carry that as if it’s a heavy burden. Let’s just stay positive. I will sincerely pray for her healing and for her to get well soon,” Bea expressed.

In the same article, the actress also said that she will only take criticisms that will help her, from those who care for her enough to criticise her in a loving way.

“But for those who bash out of hate, I don’t care for that kind of negative energy,” she added.

Meanwhile, Lolit is not slowing down on her criticisms about the actress, though thanked Bea for her prayers.

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Lolit Solis has been unwell lately

(Photo Source: Bea Alonzo Instagram, Lolit Solis Instagram)