Aimee Chan is first and foremost a mother, as she exemplified in a recent post shared on social media.

The actress, who has been busy filming her comeback series with husband Moses Chan for the past few weeks, posted a photo on Instagram where she can be seen spending time with her three kids and reading to daughter Camilla.

She wrote, “Been so busy filming overnights and lacking sleep (been sleeping 1, 2 hours a night due to filming #zombie #actresslife) so feeling super #happy and #grateful to have a free night tonight to do our usual bedtime routine with my 3 favourite little people.”

Aimee also added that she was going to head to bed for four hours of sleep before returning back to her filming set.

Friends including Koni Lui and Myolie Wu applauded Aimee for always making time for her children, with Myolie commenting, “Super mom.”

Aimee and husband Moses Chan are currently filming the new Joe Chan series, “Romeo and Zhu Yingtai” (working title). The mother of three was last seen in the movie, “When Sun Meets Moon”. Her last TVB drama was “Come Home Love”, though it was to play herself.

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Aimee has a bedtime routine of reading with her kids

(Photo Source: Aimee Chan Instagram)