The management company of actor Wang Yibo has recently slammed rumours that the actor is involved in soliciting prostitutes, in the wake of the scandal involving fellow Chinese actor Li Yifeng.

On 13 September, the company, Yue Hua Entertainment, released a statement on Weibo, which read, “The online rumours about Mr Wang Yibo being a ‘sex worker’, ‘soliciting prostitutes’ and being a ‘kept man’ are defamatory. Mr Wang abides by the law and does not know Li at all.”

It added that such a slander is considered a defamation to Wang’s character and a violation of the law.

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Wang Yibo is most known for the TV series ‘The Untamed’

The agency also urged the public not to continue spreading false rumours against the “Legend of Fei” actor, and that they are filing a police report as well as hiring legal representatives to protect Wang’s reputation.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Li Yifeng has been arrested by the police for soliciting prostitutes. The actor had since been removed from the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, had his endorsement deals terminated, and lost acting accolades because of it.

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Li Yifeng was recently arrested for charges of soliciting prostitutes

(Photo Source: Wang Yibo Instagram, Li Yifeng Instagram)