With her upcoming concert to begin tomorrow, Vivian Hsu recently revealed that she has been getting treatment for a prolonged shoulder injury.

On 30 August, the Taiwanese singer-actress posted a video of her receiving a shockwave therapy for her rotator cuff injury. In the video, Vivian can be seen trying her best to endure the treatment, with one of her legs fidgeted in pain and her left hand covering her eyes.

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Vivian endures the painful treatment

Saying that the tear hasn’t healed but that it is much better now, Vivian expressed, “I will not change the dance moves. I want to do my best. Before 3 September, I will definitely be fully recovered.”

In the same post, Vivian also reminds others not to turn to only ointment for such an injury, and to go to the doctors to do a check-up to diagnose the real problem.

“Do not procrastinate like me for two to three months and think it will be fine on its own,” she added.

The VIVILAND concert tour will be held on 3 September at the Taipei Arena.

(Photo Source: Vivian Hsu Instagram, FTV News)