South Korea’s award-winning movie actor Song Kang-Ho is set to make his television debut through the upcoming series, “Uncle Sam Shik”.

The upcoming series, to be directed by Shin Yeon-Shik of “The Fair Love” fame, is a ten-episode drama that follows two men through their friendship and obstacles in the 1960s.

It is noted that Song had previously worked with Shin in the movies, “One Win” and “Cobweb”, both now in post-production.

Song has never done a TV series before, having gone straight to the big screen in 1996 after making his theatre debut in 1990.

His latest films to have been released are Hirokazu Koreeda’s “Broker” and the Lee Byung-Hun-starrer, “Emergency Declaration”. gif maker
The actor was last seen in ‘Emergency Declaration’

(Photo Source: ZapZee, The Korea Times)