Sammi Cheng recently shared her thoughts about acting, and revealing that she is now doing her best to do more serious roles than comedies, as she introduces her new movie, “Her Story”.

On 12 September, the actress shared a photo of herself in character on Instagram, and stated that people might think she is all jokes and laughter due to the characters that she portrays on screen, instead of who she really is – someone who is very serious when it comes to work.

“I’ve been trying to do non-comedy films for the past dozen years, and the process has been difficult and the results have been mediocre (I cherish my attempts at “Fagara” and “Fatal Visit”). I knew I had to improve my performance,” she wrote.

“I’ve come to realise more and more that “the quality and realism of acting” is the most important thing. Although the road of acting is particularly bumpy for me (I mean switching from comedy to drama), I choose to never give up and work hard. As long as there is a role, I will try my best to explore and do it.”

Sammi added that she is able to go more in depth into her more serious characters now as her life reaches a stage where she has faced all kinds of trials, and that she is thankful to director-writer Sylvia Chang for giving her a chance to portray a role in the new movie.

Through the perspectives of women, “Her Story” tells the healing stories of ordinary people finding love and hope in difficult situations, and reflects the extraordinary persistence and dedication they have in life. The film co-stars Zhou Xun, Stephen Fung, Xu Di and Jackson Yee. gif maker 2 1
Sammi stars alongside some of the top names in the industry in ‘Her Story’

(Photo Source: Sammi Cheng Instagram, Jackson Yee Twitter)