After previously angering her Taiwanese compatriots for saying she is Cantonese, Rainie Yang seemed to have irked people again for another reason.

As reported on Mingpao, in a clip from an episode of Zhejiang TV’s “The Journey of Poetic Soul”, the singer, who was seen joining the other guests in dining on fried seafood, shared that she rarely ate seafood during her childhood.

“Eating seafood in Taiwan is a luxury,” she said, sparking the anger of more Taiwanese people, seeing that Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean and has the second largest longline fishing fleet in the world.

However, some of her fans defended the singer, saying that Rainie was talking about herself, that she was very poor during her childhood that eating seafood seemed to be a luxury.

The singer had since limited the comment features on her social media account, after netizens flooded the comment sections with photos of her enjoying seafood.

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Netizens have been sharing photos of Rainie with seafood on social media

(Photo Source: Rainie Yang Instagram, Taiwan News)