Park Hae-Jin’s camp has recently denied speculations that the actor was the person recently reported to have been arrested for drug use.

On 11 September, Artist Company released a statement to the media, stressing that Park is not the 40-year-old actor who was previously reported to have been nabbed by the police.

“Park Hae-Jin has nothing to do at all with the case in question. If such baseless falsehood continues to spread, we will respond with severe legal action against those involved,” the company stated.

It was on 10 September that the Seoul Gangnam Police announced that they had arrested an actor of such description for drug abuse, after they received report that a man was running around looking as if he was high on drugs.

A urine test was done soon after the man in question was arrested and that the result came back positive.

Later, it was revealed that the said actor made his debut as a supporting actor in a 2006 drama, sparking speculations that it was the “Cheese in the Trap” star.

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Park Hae-Jin’s rep threatens legal action against slander

(Photo Source: All Kpop)