Canadian dancer Mo may be having a 95 percent chance of not recovering his damaged nerves, following the tragic accident whereupon the dancer was crushed under a giant video screen when it fell down during a performance at MIRROR’s concert back in July.

As reported on Mingpao, the news was shared by the dancer’s father, Pastor Lee Shing Lam, who revealed in his sixth prayer letter that the doctors told him and his wife that there is a high chance that Mo’s vertebrae and sensory nerves would not completely recover.

“Every time we stand beside his bed, the bitterness we feel in our hearts is indescribable. Our son is now helpless on the bed, with only the cold ceiling being his view every day,” he said.

The pastor also revealed that Mo is now transferred to a different ICU ward due to the raging cases of COVID-19.

He appealed for more prayers and well wishes from the public, adding, “Wearing a neck brace for a long time can cause pain in the back of the head and affect his sleep, and excessive concentration on his own breathing is also [affecting] him.” However, Lee stated that they are still lucky that the dancer is alive and that the family members are all supporting each other through the hard times.

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Mo’s parents have been by his side

(Photo Source: Mo Instagram, Mingpao)