Mickey Huang recently shared that everything is well between him and Jacky Wu now, after Jacky had casually accused Mickey’s show, “Wedding Singer” of copying a foreign variety show.

As reported on Epoch Times, the TV personality, who was asked about the issue recently, stated that he had already spoken to Jacky about the situation.

“I’ve sent him a message that night, and as he said, only old friends would dare to make a fuss,” he said.

Mickey also joked that he has no issue with Jacky since the entertainer has indirectly promoted the show.

“Because of his words, the viewership for Wedding Singer suddenly increased,” he added.

At the same event, Mickey explained that he previously defended the show as soon as news about Jacky’s statement came out because he was worried that people will be influenced by it.

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Jacky’s statement has increased the viewship of ‘Wedding Singer’

(Photo Source: Mickey Huang Instagram, Sin Chew)