Michelle Ye recently revealed that she has sustained an injury to her face while performing her in stage play, “Red Sorghum.”

Sharing the piece of information on Weibo on 31 August, Michelle stated that she was accidentally poked in the face with a prop weapon and was bleeding on her face.

However, Michelle said that she felt no pain at all at first.

“I went to the emergency room of [a Changzhou Hospital] after the curtain call. The doctor said that the wound was two centimetres deep and needed stitches. He was very careful and sewed three layers of skin for me,” she said.

“I asked him if I would have a scar, he said it depends on my luck, I said I have always been lucky, he ignored me,” she added light-heartedly.​

Michelle decided not to share a photo of her face on social media as “the wound was too bloody”, but instead posted a photo of the prop weapon.

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The actress shared a photo of the prop weapon that injured her

(Photo Source: Michelle Ye Weibo)