Maxene Magalona recently took to social media to express her annoyance over people asking her about her baby plans.

The actress, who is married to Rob Mananquil since 2018, revealed that one of the most asked questions for her is why she has yet to have a baby, often from random strangers who took it as a form of small talk.

“First of all, let me clarify that getting asked this question can be very triggering for some. It is awkward, invasive and can be a bit rude. Some women (and men) biologically can’t have children and some don’t even want to have them in the first place. So I encourage those of you who are used to asking this question to try to break the cycle and stop it, if you can. We should all be asking each other, “How are you?” instead of these personal questions,” she wrote.

“Secondly, I want to put it out there that I am 100 [percent] okay with my current life situation. Yes, there have been a lot of rough and painful times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I understand that this is my unique journey and I simply choose to surrender to God’s plan.”

“Thirdly, I would like to take this opportunity to use my voice to encourage all of you (especially those who don’t have children yet) to consciously ask yourselves if you truly want to have kids or if you’re just following what everyone else in society is doing? Are you just bored? I highly recommend looking within first, check to see if you’ve done enough inner work + healing for you to be able to have kids and get real with yourself about your intentions. If you want to have kids but refuse to heal your childhood wounds, believe me when I say that you will end up unconsciously passing these on to your children. If you don’t want to have kids but still do it anyway because of pressures of society, you will end up resenting yourself and your children as well.”

She also urged everybody to research on “conscious coupling” before they get into relationships and marriages and “conscious parenting” before having children in order to save themselves from unnecessary heartaches.

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Maxene advices that we think hard before having kids

(Photo Source: Maxene Magalona Instagram)