Markus Paterson is done dating someone from showbiz.

This, the actor shared with his fellow Rise Artists Studio pals in the first episode of the video podcast, “Boys After Dark”, saying that he is serious about no longer dating someone from the showbiz industry.

“I’ve made the mistake more than three times in this life. It’s always to be ready in moving on. Because if you’re not ready and you move on, and you meet some other people and you still have some ties to your past, you have trauma and pain, that is gonna come back and hunt you. It’s gonna ruin the relationship that you already built,” he said.

“To all the viewers who are young actors or who want to be actors, don’t date other female actors,” he added.

Last week, Janella Salvador indirectly confirmed rumours of her breaking up with Markus, who is also the father of her son Jude, by calling herself a single mother.

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Markus with son Jude

(Photo Source: Markus Paterson Instagram)