Following the previous statement from sister Maria Elena “Ballsy” about her health, Kris Aquino recently shared for the first time in two months about her current condition.

On 7 September, the actress posted a photo of herself alongside her two sons, and admitted that there were times when she felt like giving up due to the fatigue, the flares and pain, and the fact that she is mostly bedridden.

“But I remind myself Kuya and Bimb still need me and I am embarrassed to those who continue to pray for my health to improve if I just give up. I am grateful to be blessed to have the means for us to move to another state, and have more tests done and go to other specialists; and finally started my immunosuppressant therapy,” she wrote.

“I was warned that the safest form of chemotherapy (I don’t have cancer) that can be used for my autoimmune conditions will make me lose my hair. Hair will eventually grow back but permanently damaged organs won’t – so get rid of the vanity first.”

In the same post, Kris also corrected Ballsy’s previous statement that she has four autoimmune diseases, stating that she possibly has five of them.

The actress first opened up about her struggle with autoimmune disease in 2018. She has been in the US since June to receive treatment for her condition.

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Kris is mum to Joshua and Bimby

(Photo Source: Kris Aquino Instagram)