GEM couldn’t help but broke down in tears as she remembered the dark times she faced a few years ago following her departure from Hummingbird Music.

The singer was interacting with her fans via live broadcast to promote her new album, “Revelation”, as well as her new song, “One Minute” (also translated to “Pause the World for One Minute”), when netizens pointed out that she wrote the same sentence on her Weibo around two or three years ago.

GEM recalled that the Weibo post was written back when she was still dealing with the contract lawsuit with her former management company, and that she decided to make herself busy with work at the time in order not to think about the lawsuit.

“I was unhappy every day and was close to the brink of exploding…. thinking about it now made me want to cry,” she said, as she began to shed her tears.

She then composed herself and stated that she was inspired to write the song thinking about how people in this world are all facing their own issues, and that she wants them to know that there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

“I think everybody is struggling, and everybody is working hard… it may be difficult at the moment, but it will pass,” she added.

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GEM says her faith helped her throughout the ordeal

(Photo Source: GEM Instagram)